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A marketing communications agency with a mission. We team up with clients to create impactful cause-marketing, communications and media campaigns and events. We also work with brands, nonprofits, artists and entrepreneurs to uncover and develop stories that capture their essence, define their brands and move people to action.

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  • Lindsay Wiley, Communications Manager, Red Bull Media House

    “When I was looking for support for a somewhat complex new music initiative, my RFP summed up – to find someone who ‘gets it.’ Laura definitely ‘gets it.’ Her deep understanding and knowledge brought value to our team and the projects we worked on together.”

  • Chrissy Mauck, Director of Marketing, Fender Instruments

    “With limited time and internal resources heading into SXSW, we were able to leverage M4G’s services to negotiate double activations at the festival for Gretsch Guitars. These event activations with media partners afforded us a valuable opportunity to showcase our core product, raise our brand exposure and engage in meaningful dialogues with artists. It was very apparent that the M4G staff is well respected within the industry, and we benefited from those strong connections. It was terrific working with M4G – they were delightful and genuinely good, honest people.”

  • Vanessa Sestina, Internal Communications Director, Easterseals

    “(M4G founder) Laura brings incredible passion, talent, and care to her work – beginning behind-the-scenes with story ideas, logistics and interviews, to delivering compelling, nuanced, easy-to-read content. She quickly forged relationships with leaders and other key contacts, synced with the “voice” of the organization, and brought the skills of an experienced journalist to quickly turn around a finished product that exceeded expectations. I am so grateful for the years I spent working with Laura and would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

  • Lyndsey Parker, Music Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

    “A gifted storyteller, (M4G founder) Laura knows how to get to the heart of a story, no matter who or what the subject is. She has a knack for making people feel comfortable and getting them to open up, and her content is always compelling and engaging. What’s more, she is easy to get along with, conscientious and dedicated, and has a passion for promoting the convergence of entertainment and good causes, which make her a pleasure to work with.”

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