Story Harmony for Musicians & Creative Artists

Coaching & content creation to help you speak your truth, get noticed & define your brand.

Do you struggle to figure out which stories are worth telling or will attract media attention?

Are you unsure how to explain the creative journey that led you to where you are today?

Maybe you don’t know how to authentically share your inspiration for making music or behind your latest project.

One of the most powerful sales tools in your arsenal is your STORY. But how do you identify which stories to tell and how to share them in powerful and compelling ways?

I’m here to show you how. We’ll identify the themes in your music, your artistic journey, and your motivation for being an artist that stand out and powerfully resonate with the media and your fans.

I’m Laura Ferreiro, a music journalist who’s written for the LA Times, NME, Rolling Stone, Yahoo, Nylon, and Variety, and worked as a publicist for Red Bull Music and numerous artists, so I’m uniquely positioned to help you get to the heart of your story and share it in ways that truly resonates.

Before you work with a publicist or a photographer, figure out how to best present yourself, explain it in a broader context, and what will capture people’s attention and imagination.

Together we’ll identify powerful stories and package them in ways that will get you noticed and deeply connect with your audience, leading to greater harmony in all aspects of your career.

And, since writing about yourself is hard, I can also write an attention-grabbing bio that you can use on your website, media outreach and wherever you communicate with your audience.

I’d love to chat! Email to schedule a time to work with me one-on-one.