Why M4G?

M4G campaigns are the ideal three-way partnerships, mutually benefitting brands, artists and charities.

By working with musicians and non-profits, brands can enhance their image, reach new markets and increase customer and employee loyalty. For artists, it’s a great opportunity to expand their audience and support a good cause. And for non-profits, the benefits include increased donations, exposure and access to new networks to help further their good work.

It’s as simple as Artists, Brands, Causes!

With more than 25 years of combined entertainment industry and marketing experience, we have an extensive network of contacts and close relationships to connect you with the right artist to represent your brand. We also work closely with artists to help them find unique ways to connect with their fans and give back to the good causes they care about most.

Our extensive experience working with non-profits enables us to connect our clients with vetted and recommended non-profits and charitable causes that adhere to best practices & meet the brand & band’s criteria, such as national arts education non-profits, charities that helps homeless children or runaway youth, fight cancer and other diseases, benefit the environment, provide safe drinking water, education and more.